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The Planning system has been in place since 1947, applies to buildings as they were on 1st July 1948 when the act came into effect and to buildings constructed since as built. Town Planning regulations control the development of land and if applicable to your project will either permit or not permit what you propose. Permitted development rules changed in 2008 (Some projects not permitted under the old rules may be permitted now) Interactive house

The Building Regulations are concerned with health/safety/structure and increasingly the reduction of fuel consumption/global warming.

Home remodelling building plans prepared for Building regulation and Town Planning compliance only submitted to the Local Authority for their consideration, for your money you get digital "as built" plans sections elevations of building and curtilage proposed plans sections elevations of building and curtilage, the approved drawings will have sufficient information for any competent builder to execute your home remodelling project without any problems.

"Approximate build" prices are for the average dwelling and are  just that, each project is different in complexity and Bronbuild reserves the right to adjust the price, firm offer will only be given after onsite assessment and viewing approved drawings or Bill of Quantities, prices exclude all utility services from the highway to the dwelling (Not normally an issue with existing buildings).

advantages of having plans prepared first and waiting for the necessary consents

Building Regulations and Town Planning Regulations are complex and continually changing, unauthorised building work is a risky business, by working to accurate approved drawings you are more likely to avoid costly mistakes and the possibility of Local Authority enforcement proceedings.

By staying legal, you avoid the surprise of illegal work coming to light by solicitors/local authority searches, you will have the required approval documents to be included with your home information pack when you try to sell, avoiding unnecessary delays, frustration and possibly a lost sale.

Freedom to shop around for the best price from reputable builders by creating a level playing field which conveys the same information to all.


Please see terms

building regulations |town planning applications | prepared for local authority consideration

Drawing - plan Prices for avarage size dwellings, for guidance only and subject to change.

Ground Floor home extension £787

Two Storey home extension £892

Home extension above existing ground floor £787

Loft/roof/attic conversion no additional increase in dwellings volume £735

Loft/roof/attic conversion additional increase in dwellings volume £892

Structural alteration calculations and drawings are survey dependant

Lawfull development £650

Planning application £682 plus £525 If a listed building, in the Green belt, Conservation area, area of outstanding natural beauty and any other which will normally need special consideration

The total building regulation and town planning price less 20%

Having obtained the required planning and building regulation consents you may be forgiven for thinking that you have all the consents you need. However the spirit of the Party Wall Act needs to be considered by the building owner " the person having the work done " and adjacent owners, aggreement between affected parties needs to be in writing, if in doubt look at the official guidance here Party Wall Act

INDICATIVE APPROX BUILD COST depending on specification and other factors, the following examples are based on 3.00 meter projection from dwelling and a width of 6.00 meters of usable floor space ie. 18.00 meters square per floor.

Ground floor flat roof home extension GBP 36091 divided by 18=GBP 2005 M2

Two storey flat roof home extension GBP 55628 divided by 36=GBP 1545 M2

Ground floor pitched roof home extension GBP 40661 divided by 18=GBP 2259 M2

Two storey pitched roof home extension GBP 59603 divided by 36=GBP 1656 M2

Additional storey above existing ground floor same as respectve single storey

Loft conversion roof extension GBP 1481-2179 M2


Let your lender know of your proposal
Check for restrictive covenants that may apply to your property
Check that article 4 is not in force in your area preventing some normally permitted development rights
The Green belt , Conservation areas and Areas of outstanding natural beauty normally need special consideration check with Local Authority
Check the existing structure is strong enough to support the additional loading
Make sure the requirements of the Party Wall act have been dealt with properly
Get the necessary Building Regutation and Town Planning approvals before commencing any work
If you are connecting to or building over a foul drain serving more than just your property, you may need to consult with your water authority.
Protected Species, a wildlife licence may be required if the work will affect protected species like bats. If in doubt contact Natural England for advice