Planning Permission Approval Home Extension Plans Surrey
dwgplans Hersham Walton on Thames, Surrey

why we don't guarantee planning approval

just some of the many variables

Local authorities decide on planning policies in their area based on legislation and consultation with interested parties
They delegate the interpretation of that  policies to a planning officer or committee
If you are refused planning permission you can appeal to the secretary of state
Planning is a bit like driving, everyone has an opinion
Neighbours given opportunity to give their opinion on your proposed extension
Local authorities have a residential design guidance policies
They have a local plan policies

Special considerations apply if any of these apply to your dwelling
You May live in a Listed Building
You may live in the green belt
You May live in a Conservation Area
You May live in a Area of outstanding natural beauty
You May live in an area where article 4 has been implemented restricting certain permitted development rights
You may live in a house that has had restrictive covenants

some points to consider

Will the extension dominate
Will the extension blend with the existing
Try to keep the same horizontal and vertical emphasis
Do the windows match
Are the materials for the new build similar to the existing
My first impression if I was buying this house with this extension
What would the extension look like from my neighbours property
Will you affect your neighbour right to light
Have you let your lender know of your proposal