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loft | attic conversion plans

Space of most homes is almost always unused. Converting your loft to form extra rooms to increase the living space  is very popular. However, the structural design and build of a loft conversion is often more complicated than a  simple extension Start to Finish design and build service takes care of Local authority Planning permission and building regulation applications for your loft/attic conversion or roof extension and can match the existing architectural features of your of your home in most cases and keep the roof projection as unobtrusive as possible.

it takes time

To get the best possible solution for your idea of  a loft conversion roof extension or structural alteration as a design and build builder we will be responsible to you for the project from start to finish, design only responsible for the design but not the execution of the work or build only responsible for the execution of the work but not the design. Ball park current prices

it pays to get on with your neighbours

Unless you live in a field miles from anyone, you need to consult your neighbours early and keep them informed of your proposals, be mindful of the fears they may have and try to allay them, be aware that the Party Wall Act 1996 will apply to you if you live in a semi detached, terrace or flat.


For your loft conversion, roof extension plans we use computer aided drawing which assist collaborating online with you the client  some enlightened Local Authorities, to produce clear easy-to-follow structural and thermal insulation calculations that need to be submitted with your building regulation application we use SuperBeam ProSteel and make the necessary applications on your behalf to the Local Authority or any other bone fide party for their consideration.


To help us compute accurate and competitive estimates free we use Esti-mate, Quotation's are only provided from approved drawings completion times provided are dependant on the weather, availability of materials, labour and finance from the client. We encourage you to obtain between 3-6 estimates for your project from reputable builders.

building regulations |town planning applications | prepared for local authority consideration

Drawing - plan Prices for avarage size dwellings, for guidance only and subject to change.

The longer and higher the Ridge ( the top most horizontal piece of timber in a traditional timber roof ) is above the ceiling joists (the lowest horizontal piece of timber in a traditional timber roof ) the more chance you have of having a loft conversion that is aesthetically pleasing Bronbuild recommend a minimum distance of between the underside of the ridge and the top of ceiling joists 2.5 m

Between 4-12 weeks depending on complexity

If the volume of your loft does not increase probably no If the volume your roof extension increases probably yes depending on orientation of the roof extension and other planning considerations If in doubt check with Local Authority

All structural alterations need building regulation approval or if you are really confident building notice

If you live in a semi detached , terrace or a flat in a multi storey building YES in other cases Check with the Party Wall Act 1996

Let your lender know of your proposal
Check for restrictive covenants that may apply to your property
Check that article 4 is not in force in your area preventing some normally permitted development rights
The Green belt , Conservation areas and Areas of outstanding natural beauty normally need special consideration check with Local Authority
Check the existing structure is strong enough to support the additional loading
Make sure the requirements of the Party Wall act have been dealt with properly
Get the necessary Building Regutation and Town Planning approvals before commencing any work
If you are connecting to or building over a foul drain serving more than just your property, you may need to consult with your water authority.
Protected Species, a wildlife licence may be required if the work will affect protected species like bats. If in doubt contact Natural England for advice